Your MTG Arena Companion

Enhance your MTG Arena experience with the Companion and gain access to the best deck tracker, personal statistics and more.

Deck Tracker

Plan your next moves and outsmart your opponent with easy access to your decklist.

Draft Helper

Build more powerful Limited decks and grow your collection more quickly with integrated expert card ratings.

Personal Statistics

Visualize your game data like never before with a ladder progression chart, deck performance data, matchup statistics, and more.

Draw Chances

Understand how likely you are to draw each card in your deck, including different mana sources.

Land Overview

See how many lands you have in play, untapped and your chance to draw new ones.

Opponent's Revealed Cards

Never forget which cards your opponent has already played and anticipate their next move.

Find Decks For Your Collection

Find decks you can build or craft based on your MTGA card collection by syncing it with the Companion.

Reached Mythic15k+
Matches Analyzed70m+