Introducing Draftsmith

Your secret weapon for MTGA Limited
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Card Ratings Powered By Data, Not Opinions

Draftsmith analyzes millions of limited games to create ratings (1-55) for each card during a draft
Draft Background1
Draftsmith Badge 553
Draftsmith Badge 321
Draftsmith Badge 432
Draftsmith Badge 428
Draftsmith Badge 319
Draftsmith Badge 210
Pack 1 / Pick 1Pack 1 / Pick 9

Always pick the best card

Draftsmith ratings adapt based on the cards you have already chosen
Draftsmith Badge 11-5
Draftsmith Badge 26-11
Draftsmith Badge 312-22
Draftsmith Badge 423-40
Draftsmith Badge 541-55

Always build the best deck

After the draft or after opening your sealed packs, Draftsmith recommends an optimal deck based on the cards you’ve picked/opened.
Draftsmith recommending which deck to build from the draft cards
Draftsmith Background

Unleash the Full Power of Draftsmith

No matter the situation always pick the perfect card, build the optimal deck and win more games
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