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Download the Companion to access the best MTGA deck tracker, draft helper and personal statistics to unleash your potential.

Know everything worth knowing

Knowledge based on data. Not opinions.

Know your cards

Plan your every move with easy access to your decklist

Know your land

View the number of lands in play, untapped and your odds of drawing new ones

Know your opponent

Never forget which cards your opponent has already played and anticipate their next move

Introducing Draftsmith

Your new secret weapon

Card Commentary by the Best

Detailed commentary by ChannelFireball’s LSV on each card offered in a pack

Always pick the best card

Draftsmith analyzes millions of limited games to create ratings for each card during a draft. Ratings adapt based on the cards you have already chosen

Always build the best deck

After the draft, Draftsmith recommends an optimal deck based on the cards you’ve picked

Website Features

See MTGA in a whole new way

Track your Statistics

Visualize your game data like never before with features like ladder progression charts, deck performance data, matchup statistics and more

Complete your Collection

See detailed statistics about your MTGA card collection - see how many cards of each colour, set and rarity you have collected

Find The Perfect Deck

Thousands of decks, with winrate data sourced from millions of games. Find decks you can build with your collection or see what cards you are missing. Every deck in MTG Arena is waiting for you here

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The power of knowledge awaits you. empowers you with the tools to take your game to the next level.
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